We know you know how to wear jewellery but here are a few bits of advice to help reduce normal wear and tear, and allow you to get the best out of your jewellery pieces.

  • Put jewellery on after applying makeup, perfume, and hair products.
  • Keep out of contact with bleaches and detergents wherever possible and please, keep your jewellery safely out of reach of children and animals.
  • Always remove jewellery when engaging in activities that risk impact or exposure to chemicals or heat such as sports or housework.
  • Store your jewellery in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratches.
  • Avoid swimming or bathing while wearing gold or silver plated costume jewellery, and remove rings when washing your hands.


  • We recommend the use of a soft cloth with gentle rubbing. But please be aware that any vigorous scrubbing will take off the layer of gold plating.
  • Over time the layer of gold plating will wear off and we recommend you then have your jewellery re-plated.
  • We do not recommend the use of silver dips or chemical cleaners on plated items.

Whilst the information given above is provided in good faith, we do not recommend you do anything unless you are personally certain that no harm will come to your jewellery as a result of cleaning. We do not take any responsibility for damage which ensues from your actions. If in doubt, please email us on info@miajewelslondon.com